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Through effective presentation and targeted marketing tailored to the appropriate audience, you will achieve the swiftest and most lucrative sale of your property. We are committed to guiding and advising you on various strategies to maximize the selling potential and secure the highest return. Rest assured that with Life Realty your expectations will be met.

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At Life Realty we really care about the end result, and about how we can benefit you. We assess what your main goal is, and what you want to accomplish – then we devise a strategy to meet those expectations and maximise your profits.

Selling A Property In Cyprus

Selling real estate in Cyprus is a straightforward process, below we look at some of the finer details.

01 Representation

Appoint a consultant of your choice to provide advice and represent you throughout the entire transaction.

02 Purchaser's Finances

Verify the identity of the Purchaser and ascertain the source of their funds.

03 Income/Funds Verification

Carefully examine the Purchaser’s sources of income and funds to ensure transparency and legitimacy.

04 Notify Banking Institution

Inform your banking institution about the impending transaction to facilitate a seamless process.

05 Sale Contract Preparation

Draft a comprehensive Sale Contract to safeguard your interests and clearly outline the terms of the transaction.

06 Payment Method and Time Frame

Establish a clear payment method and define the time frame for completing the transaction to avoid any ambiguities.

07 Tax Clearance Certificates

Obtain and be prepared with all necessary tax clearance certificates as required by the District Land Registry to facilitate the smooth transfer of the property to the Purchaser’s name.

08 Capital Gains Tax

Be ready to fulfill any applicable obligations to the Cyprus Tax authorities, including the payment of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The CGT is levied at a fixed rate of 20% on the profit generated from the sale of an immovable property in Cyprus.

09 Land Registry

You are now ready to finalize the sale of your property. Contact the Land Registry and make an appointment for the transfer of title deed/s to the Purchaser.

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When you invest in a property through us, you will benefit from expert services at fees that are typically lower than other agents. So, whether buying or selling, you’ll keep more of your money.

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