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Limassol is widely recognized as an all-encompassing city. Apart from being the country's predominant business, shipping, and financial hub, it has everything one could need or require. The city offers a superb lifestyle in the warm Mediterranean sun. It’s safe, smart and friendly. It is a diverse metropolis, with residents coming from all parts of the world. It's no wonder that this vibrant city is the preferred choice for professionals seeking a place to live, work, and enjoy recreational activities. Limassol is the place you want to be.

Fast Growing

Limassol’s modern towering architecture is a reflection of the city’s status as the powerhouse of Cyprus – attracting high profile firms to the city, which in turn creates employment and demand for commercial and residential property. Balancing its modernity is the deep love of the Cypriot people for their roots, history and culture, and this is reflected throughout the city. Everything blends perfectly.

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Cyprus, EU

Country – Island


Days of sunshine

1.5 mil

Island-wide Population

English / Greek

Spoken languages




Cost of Living


Very High



A great location for all.

In Limassol you will find an almost limitless choice of sports, leisure and entertainment venues, together with cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores, boutiques and supermarkets. And there is a well developed range of high quality health, education and professional and legal services.

Quick Facts about Limassol

Beach Front City

Highest in property value

Preferred city for international business to relocate

Fast Growing in tech companies

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The demand for properties in Limassol has always been high and the trend seems to be continuing. There is always interest from both local and international buyers who are attracted by the city’s quality of life, work and business opportunities, and investment potential.

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