The Cyprus
Residency Scheme

Non-EU citizens are able to obtain a Cyprus permanent residency permit through a government scheme known as the 'Cyprus Golden Visa Programme.' This scheme is the fastest and simplest way to obtaining permanent residency. Once granted, it offers easy access to a multiple of European countries for travel, study, business, and investment purposes.

Obtaining Cyprus

It is a relatively simple process to apply for Cyprus residency, and it can be undertaken from outside the country. The main criterium is that applicants (including dependant family) must invest a minimum of €300,000 in property or business in Cyprus. The processing time is usually about 3 months. There is an alternative application process that has a lower level of investment (€150,000), but a longer time frame.


standard investment


lowest level investment

Property Investment

Typically high performing market

Low Tax

Competitively low taxation system for maximum benefits

High Standards

Cyprus offers a high level of lifestyle and personal safety

Our Authorised Associates are Available for Advice and Guidance

Whilst the process is relatively simple, it is strongly advised to engage an authorised agent to undertake the application on your behalf. We work with a highly respected agent who will be pleased to discuss the full criteria to ensure that you understand the implications, benefits and advantages of permanent residency, and then speedily steer the application through all the Government paperwork and approval stages.

Investing In Cyprus

Investment Categories & Criteria

A. Residential Property: Invest at least €300,000 (plus VAT) in residential property/ies (excluding re-sale), with money derived from abroad. The applicant can invest in up to two units, and the property should meet the family's size needs. If the property/ies was/were acquired over a year before application, they will need to provide a recent Search Certificate from the Land Registry Department.

B. Other Properties: Invest at least €300,000 (plus applicable VAT) in shops, offices, hotels, or similar developments. Proof of payment is required. If acquired over a year before application, provide a recent Search Certificate from the Land Registry Department.

C. Company Investment: Invest at least €300,000 in the share capital of a Cyprus-registered company with a physical presence and at least five employees. Submit a business plan with financial targets.

D. Shares in Collective Investment Organization: Submit a Memorandum of the Fund or a Business Plan for shares in a Cyprus Collective Investment Organisation.

Annual Income Requirement

The main applicant must demonstrate a secured annual income of at least €50,000, derived from employment, dividend distribution, pensions, rents, etc. The required income increases with the number and type of dependent family members. Specifically:

Spouse: €15,000
Underage children: €10,000 per individual
Adult children (18-25, economically dependent students): €10,000 per individual

Other Terms & Conditions

Submit a clean criminal record for the main applicant and spouse.
Declare no intention to work in Cyprus or receive employment-related income.
Provide proof of accommodation in Cyprus if the investment is made under criterion B, C, or D.

Dependent Family Members:
The permit extends to the main applicant, spouse, and underage children.
Separate applications required for adult, unmarried children (18-25, students abroad, financially dependent) and adult, non-dependent children.
The investment for adult, non-dependent children should be a multiple of their number, and they must prove a personal annual income.
Spouse: €15,000
Underage children: €10,000 per individual

Additional Information:
Application processing time is approximately two months.
Main applicant and spouse should not intend to work in Cyprus unless the investment is under criterion C.
Annual proof of compliance with requirements is mandatory.
Main applicant and/or spouse may be shareholders in Cyprus companies and receive dividend income without receiving payment for director roles.

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